The Leader’s Journey

You are not a leader.

Wait, what? Real nice blog…thanks for nothing! Right?

What I mean is that you, I, and the rest of the folks we share this planet with are not inherent leaders. Not a single one of us. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

I hear the phrase “He’s a natural leader” or “She was born to lead” all the time. But I’ve got a secret for you…it’s a lie. A big, fat, insane, shameful, hairy (Big FISH) lie said by those who think leadership is something you either have or don’t. If you are someone who believe in the Big FISH lie, becoming a great leader probably seems impossible to achieve. How can you possibly exhibit qualities that others are born with?!? You can’t! But fortunately for you, me and everyone else on the planet, this isn’t reality.

Real leaders have to work at being leaders every single day. 

They are learning 24/7 and challenging themselves to grow, even when they are living what most of us would call successful lives. Leaders are always searching for new and better ways to improve themselves and their leadership skills. Why? Because they must in order to stay focused, avoid complacency, achieve their long-term goals, and continue successfully in motivating those around them. From Carnegie to Rockefeller, Gates to Jobs, Bezos to Branson, Gandhi to Mandela, Welsh to Dimon…these CEOs and global leaders struggled and searched for personal growth. They prioritized it, they pursued it, and – if given the opportunity – would tell you it took them a lot of work. They would probably even reveal that after they achieved success – and a reputation for leading – they faltered and fell along the way.

But each of them got right back up and continued to grow and learn…because that’s what leaders do!

So this is what I mean when I say “You are not a leader.” What you are: a person with the potential to lead and become a great leader…WE ALL ARE! We just need the guidance and time to master the tools of the trade.

This is the mission of ThinkCEO. To inspire, educate, motivate, and even sometimes to entertain you into a state where you are always reminded 1) that you already have the tools to lead, 2) to prioritize personal growth, and 3) to maintain a positive attitude about what you’re capable of. Remember: becoming the person you ultimately want to be is a continuous, never-ending journey. So enjoy the ride.



The ThinkCEO blog is a site that offers advice, education and discussion on topics ranging from career success, leadership skills, & personal growth. The intent is not to provide these tools for strictly CEOs and other C-Level Executives. In fact, my hope is that this is useful to anyone looking to improve their abilities and enhance their understanding of these areas.

While I can’t promise I’ll post everything, guest writers are welcome to submit their original writings (along with their name and contact information) via email (

As always, I sincerely appreciate thoughts and comments on what’s discussed, topical reinforcement, respectful rebuttals of theories, and what I’m are doing right (and wrong) with my limited available time to write this blog.

May all your endeavors, both business and personal, be profitable!



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