Roadmap for Success in Building Your Personal Brand

You may stand out, but are you stepping up?

One of the most challenging things we can do as Leaders is to inspire and motivate a wide range of personalities. Some would tell you that personal branding of your leadership requires you to have one approach, one style, and to become master of that approach, to be recognized for those values, to use it to lead all people down the path to eternal bliss…

But does it?

Chickens (Leadership Brand) vs. Eggs (Leadership Values)

Is leadership about a unique style, delivery and method…or is it something more? Is it more about the underlying values you place on being a leader? On integrity, courage, trust, wisdom, honestly, communication, genuineness? Are these values – if present in any approach – really the only things that matter? I might argue that they are.

I’ve seen many (far too many) people fail at “leadership” and then place blame elsewhere by stating that their unique leadership approach just doesn’t work for certain personality types. When, in fact, what I perceived the cause of failure to be was a missing value of leadership. Often, for some reason, the missing value is empathy (not sure why…maybe another blog post for that one), but I also find many wannabe leaders who miss on using leadership values such as compassion, honesty, transparency, wisdom and, worst of all, listening.

But let’s assume you have your ducks in line, and that your underlying value system is both strong and contains most of the critical components to be a Leader. What are the steps to putting the frosting and sugar decorations on those value cake layers? How do you build a leadership brand that inspiring, memorable and unique?

Build the Unique You

The most unique thing about you is…well…“You”. The first step here – and it must be the first step – is to get a firm understanding of who you are; where you came from, what gets your juices flowing, and what comes naturally to you. When you’re comfortable, others will become comfortable around you. Forget that you want to be, be who you are naturally. As long as that person inside you isn’t a screaming, selfish jerk, you’re probably in the range of acceptable personalities. The point is to focus on the things that make up who you are – your interests, talents and passions – understand them, appreciate them, and then use them to start building “You” The Leader.

The next step to developing your unique personal brand is to find the one thing that you can use to make “You” stand out. You need to pinpoint what is unique about you — not something that applies only to a few other people, but something that applies only to you. For most of us, this is only going to be one or two specific things. My personal thing is analogies. I love them and use them so frequently that people often jest at my expense if one doesn’t come out of me in a meeting. But that makes me memorable…in a good way. It’s a part of how I deliver my leadership to the masses and it gets noticed (I will save you from my urge to present some clever comparison for you here).

Get Hooked Up to the Network

In addition to the deep, introspective stuff, there are some housekeeping steps to take care of, and these can be done anytime (translated: ASAP). Make sure you have ahold of “you” and own your name everywhere. Start a list and make sure you sign up using your name for every social network and website login you can think of. I even own Hotmail, Yahoo and a dozen other login sites just in case I might need them in the future.

It goes without saying that part of this ownership involves you buying your space on the Internet. Use or or whatever site you like to register “You”.com. If you’re ready to start using some of these sites, have at it and show people who you are. Being a leader means getting yourself out there and practicing being one through communication. Trust me. Trying to be a leader with just you is both strange and pointless. Get Blogging, Tweeting, Liking, Stumbling or whatever you prefer, but get engaged on a variety of social media networks. Hitting can be used as a starting point to make sure you’re linking up all the biggest sites out there.

As part of this exercise, you’re also going to want to put pictures up on these sites, tagged with your name so that search results you have image results. If you start getting some level of recognition in these communities, it’s a smart move to utilize the Google Alerts system to monitor your name (and misspellings) so you always know what people are saying about you.

I should point out here that the most important thing about getting out there is to do it in some way that’s valuable – through content, communication or even just encouragement. While I’m sure it would be riveting, don’t post things that are only of trivial interest to you like“25 Things I Found in My Couch Today”. Write with an audience in mind, whether that is a single person or a general group. Ask yourself this before you write, “Why would someone want to read this?” Don’t get me wrong, the topic you write about can be you, but make it relatable to someone you can picture in your mind’s eye. Also, make it relevant in a manner that relates to your brand so others start getting a feel for what you’re about.

Advanced Leadership Branding Efforts

Once you start finding your groove (and you’ll know it when you get there), start taking your efforts to the next level. You’ll start to have more time as you find leading to come more naturally. Here are three steps that I recommend you start thinking about.

Package It! A Brand is more than a pretty face (most of the time), so get a theme going. If you want to “sell” a product – aka Leadership Brand – you’ll need to become a marketer to some degree. One of the first (and easiest steps) is to get some consistency going across all off your sites/assets. Pick color(s), phasing, a motto, a headshot, fonts, and even a particular creative pattern, then use these everywhere. Being consistent in appearance tells the general public “Hey, you’ve seen this before. Yes, it’s me. You’re in the right place.”

Make “You” Tangible! The way you present yourself is critical, but having something tangible, something that goes beyond words in a blog or tweet, is what will set you up above the crowd. These can be done in a number of ways, the easiest is to either publish something or create an event (seminar or even an online chat). Have something that people can talk about and think of you when they think of that thing they are discussing with others. Make people your champion and they will do half the work for you in spreading the value that “You” bring to the table.

Get Up There! Public speaking is something that doesn’t come naturally to most people. This is exactly why getting good at it matters; it sets your brand apart to many people. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to get this part going:

  • DO get comfortable with whatever you would eventually discuss as part of the leader you want to be. If you’re into motivation, learn it like the back of your hand. There is not substitute for being confident in the knowledge you have about a subject.
  • DON’T practice alone in front of a video camera. I assure you, everyone looks stupid doing this. This will only hurt your confidence level. If you do have the opportunity to speak, I DO recommend asking someone to take video of you. But being up in front of a group, you will behave in a natural manner vs. critiquing how you look giving a speech to your cat.
  • DO get in touch with Toastmasters ( These folks are great for helping with taking your public speaking skills to the next level. My experience has been that they will let you attend a couple sessions free of dues just to learn about it.
  • DO volunteer to speak whenever you get the chance. Even if you’re in a meeting and someone asks how everyone’s weekend was, share something. Getting comfortable looking people in the eye, having all eyes on you, and hearing the sound of just your voice resonate in a quiet room can never be done enough to prepare you for presenting or teaching in front of a crowd.

A Final Note…

As with any endeavor, there are always going to be those who will find some pleasure in questioning you. Don’t let it distract you. You own this process. This is one time when something can be all about you and have it be a good thing. Advise is great – heck, I’m giving you some here – but in the end, you have to decide for yourself what you like & don’t like, what you want to be or not be, and the way you want your leadership brand to be presented out there in the world.


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6 Responses to Roadmap for Success in Building Your Personal Brand

  1. Crikx says:

    Hi there, I really like your photo with the 3 candles. I would like to find out if I can use it in one of my upcoming presentations. If you don’t own the rights, can you let me know where you purchased it?

  2. Frank Ryan says:

    This is an excellent post with a lot of information on a topic that I’m just beginning to delve into. After committing years to developing the skills necessary to motivate and inspire others, taking some time to focus on personal branding is a bit uncomfortable. I’m going to keep this post handy as a resource moving forward. Thanks.

  3. carly says:

    Sounds like a lot of work. I’m definitely going to use the public speaking advice. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the article. Focusing on who we are on the inside is the right approach to succeed. I struggled with this when I was younger being an American of a Hispanic background. When I accepted what I had to offer because of who I was, I could change my focus to better use. This was very good. Thank you for posting.

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